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Imagine the value to you, your team, your organisation of a safe, confidential space , in which to meet challenges, find solutions and create outstanding results. What would that investment be worth to you, your team, your organisation?

Our Story

In 2009 David Rigby and Isla Baliszewska met at a coaching development meeting where a fine discussion happened about the merits of consultancy, life, business and leadership coaching. A little seedling was planted which blossomed into the Swindon Coaching Team, a group of great coaches, mentors and consultants with the remit of sharing knowledge, expertise and spreading the word about the benefits of coaching in business. Swindon Coaching Team became Smart Coaching & Training in 2013 with the goal of providing honest, professional, impactful business support to enable people and organisations to grow, also transform. Our current team bring a wealth of fabulous experience and a breath-taking amount of collective business support delivery hours to help our clients achieve their goals and more.

David and Isla are very different and recognise that difference makes for great teams. Smart Coaching & Training honours those preferences and uses the language of colours (from our Behavioural Preference Profiling tool - C-me) to harness synergy and balance. Those different perspectives create the powerful connections that foster success – the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl.

Critically, we remind ourselves that we are people dealing with other people, providing a safe and ethical space in which to learn, flourish and get smarter results.

Our Team

Our Team brings a powerful, inspiring vision as catalyst and enabler for your transformation. Using C-me Profiling and other outstanding techniques to explore your objectives and expectations, and in partnership help you create compelling and sustainable change. 

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Our Scope

Our Scope ranges from strategising your business to building your team and leadership capability. It encompasses innovation, business or personal growth, communication, soft skills, change management, presentation skills. Defining and fulfilling your objectives is the goal.  

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Our Approach

Our Approach is client centred.  We aspire to the highest codes of conduct and professionalism with trust, integrity and respect.  Our commitment is to helping you change yourself, your businesss or your people, focusing on results by stretching targets and cutting-edge impact.

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Isla Baliszewska at WeMeanBiz Bristol 22 05 17

Isla Baliszewska at WeMeanBusiness in Bristol

David Rigby training

David Rigby with delegates during training on personal brand and presentation

C-me Simon and Halina at Waterhouse

Simon Wilshire, founder of C-me Colour Profiling with Halina Jaroszewska

Pam Corrigan, Salley Al Shafey, David Rigby and Miral Al Ramlawy

David Rigby with UAE Associates Pam Corrigan, Miral Al Ramlawy, Sally Al Shafey in Dubai

Methodology Approach

Our Methodology

The diagram to the right illustrates our methodology which revolves around building a vision and embedding commitment raising engagement and building capability addressing stakeholder and management needs where appropriate.

The coaching tools and techniques that we employ encompass proven development models to build strategic thinking, transformational change, personal discovery and enhanced performance.

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