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Change The Wallpaper 0

Posted on 29, June 2016

in Category Decisions, Enterprise & innovation, Managing Change

Effective Change

Change is not always sought or planned and not always welcomed.   Last year 14 year old Domanik Green hacked into his school computer in Florida.  Did he alter exam answers?  Did he meddle with pupil’s grades?  No. He changed the school computer’s wallpaper.   His reason was simple; he wanted to annoy a teacher he didn’t like. Some people interviewed after Brexit admitted voting Leave because they were annoyed, wanting to make a point, and they were alarmed at the result. The result has bred high levels of uncertainty and alarm at an unknown future with warnings of doom and calamity looming. Domanik [&hellip

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Brand Yourself to Success 0

Posted on 10, February 2016

in Category Career Development, Decisions, Emotional Intelligence, leadership, Personal Development


Sign up for the Webinar that will make a Big Difference to your personal branding! Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness and Personal Branding are terms frequently used by psychologists and executive coaches, not often joined together.  This practical webinar shows how to use these techniques to deliver major improvements in yourself, your interactions with family and friends and to upscale your career.  And how to design a holistic, targeted but consistent face-to-face and Social Media presence to reflect the person you have become, which will attract the kind of people you chose. If you want to: Rapidly improve your [&hellip

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Posted on 1, February 2016

in Category coaching, Decisions, leadership, Mindset, Motivation, New year's resolutions, Training

HJ at Rolls Royce Insights event with Anna Mealings HRD Defence, PPS and colleagues

The Rolls-Royce Women Network, which was re-launched September 2015, organise the Insight Hours.   The Insight Hours happen quarterly with the aim of providing employees with the opportunity to meet members of the leadership team. The objective of these sessions is to go beyond the general assumptions of senior management roles stepping into the personal and professional moments they bring.   “Instead of a monologue by the guest speaker, the small size of the group provides a space where ideas and experiences can be shared, providing a great opportunity to really get to know the person“, explained Patricia Patilla Sanchez, [&hellip

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Strawberries and cream 0

Posted on 5, June 2015

in Category Decisions, Mindset, Personal Development, Training

Strawberries and cream

Every picture tells a story and a picture is reputed to be worth a 1000 words. How would you describe your perfect strawberry indulgence? Maybe strawberries are not on your yummy list. Maybe strawberries bring you out in a rash. If that is the case what would you substitute to use as a metaphor. Or maybe the imagery will work for you anyway. Suspend your disbelief and drop those strawberries in that bowl of cream…. Strawberries and cream; strawberries unwashed; strawberries washed; strawberries dipped in sugar; strawberries sprinkled with sugar, strawberries with black pepper, balsamic vinegar drizzled strawberries, strawberries sun [&hellip

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Change your words Change your world 0

Posted on 21, April 2015

in Category Decisions, Enterprise & innovation, Mindset, Personal Development, Training

Words make a Difference

How our bodies are dictates what and how we think. What and how we think dictates what we say and how we say it. What we say and how we say it dictates the results we get. And reverberating around the world can be heard – But that’s not what I meant! [that is the title of a book by Deborah Tannen] You have misunderstood me! If only you listened! Why can’t you get on the same page! As Barak Obama said in what is considered to be his best speech ‘Don’t tell me words don’t matter’ Watch this. Every [&hellip

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Pascal’s Wager – A Good Bet? 0

Posted on 16, March 2015

in Category Decisions


Settle down and concentrate on this one…..Pascal’s Wager was about whether or not there is a God. If you wager against there being a God and there IS a God, that is bad news for you, so you should wager for there being a God.  Pascal believed that religious belief was not a rational, but rather an existential  choice, i.e. a choice you make in the face of uncertainty.  So how do we make the right choice if we aren’t basing it on a betting outcome? We have talked about uncertainty before and one of the things that comes up [&hellip

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