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How mentoring and coaching supports leaders 0

Posted on 23, March 2016

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Following on our theme of  sharing the success stories of some of those we work with and come across, here is the story from Svitlana Surodina, CEO of Skein, another of  the businesses that connected with Halina under the Growth Voucher scheme.  Skein have just been approved by Crown Commercial Services as an official supplier for UK public sector organisations. “Skein is actively growing with some new world-known clients such as TP-link and University of Geneva and we are going  through multiple client project launches and in addition an investment  process for our own projects. “Developing leadership skills is an integral part of what I [&hellip

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The Viability Test 0

Posted on 8, July 2014

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The Financial Reporting Council has come up with another small headache for business owners.  In an attempt to improve on the current ‘going concern’ statement that Directors must tick in current year end accounts, the FRC has hit on the idea of getting Directors to commit to saying how long they think their organisation will stay viable.   Under the proposed new code a company board will have to state that the company is viable for ‘the foreseeable future’ and to identify how long that ‘forseeable future’ is. What we are looking at here is accountability.  How accountable Directors and Boards [&hellip

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Five essential attributes of excellent CEOs 0

Posted on 23, November 2013

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  There are many different views as to which attributes are essential to be an excellent CEO.  Take a moment out from your busy urgent day-to-day business and consider some issues which are important for business leaders, issues which others rarely – or dare not – ask them, and that with the pressure of business, they may not often askthemselves: Awareness, Vision, Imagination, Responsibility, and Action.  Question yourself   Do I really know what is happening within my organisation, and outside? Can I make sense of it? What is the extent and limit of my responsibility? Am I responsible for [&hellip

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Test your Emotional Intelligence 0

Posted on 17, November 2013

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Emotional Intelligence Coaching helps you believe in yourself - take our Emotional Intelligence Test

Test your Emotional Intelligence Take our Emotional Intelligence Test below by marking yourself out of 10 for each of the 16 statements. For statements 1-10 mark yourself up to 10 if you think you are good at this For statements 11-16 mark yourself up to 10 if you fall in the middle veering to 0 if you are at the extremes. If you scored less than 100 perhaps you could benefit from some coaching from our Confidence and Positive Psychology coaches – even more relevant in Business than in your private live. Emotional Intelligence Test It is hard to develop [&hellip

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People Like Us – Networking 0

Posted on 17, November 2013

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SCT's David Rigby and Mary Wilson of The Supremes

People like us …… by David Rigby  SCT director David Rigby will be addressing the Ignite group on Nov 27th  2013 in Bristol on the topic of networking called ‘People Like Us’. As it is fully booked here is thegist of the presentation  When you walk into a room of strangers, whether at a party or a networking event, who do you seek out to talk too?  Do you take the PLU approach (‘people like us’ used by Lady Astor in the 1920s) and approach those who look like you, dress like you and hopefully have the same views as [&hellip

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Go For Growth! 0

Posted on 16, September 2013

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Following on from our July Growth Seminar in Swindon, Smart Coaching & Training will be bringing our expertise to the good citizens of Bristol.  David and Isla are hosting the evening at Colston Offices on Thursday 3rd October from 6-8pm, covering topics intrinsic to growing a flourishing business. Halina Jaroszewska will be looking at what current challenges business leaders face and how to rise to those challenges and to become fit for purpose as leaders in the coming decade.  Richard Tierney will touch on the essence of good presentation skills, and Isla will introduce the Ready for Business scheme aimed [&hellip

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MentorsMe 0

Posted on 7, August 2013

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Isla has been involved in the progress of the MentorsMe initiative at The Department of Business Innovation and Skills for over a year now, with her Young Entrepreneurs Success hat on, sitting on Task & Finish Committees to ensure best practice and evidence and data evaluation. As the project draws to a close its legacy is a considerable contribution to the world of business support. The MentorsMe portal is an on-line gateway to access mentoring support, and SCT are proud to be one of the providers. The portal has a wealth of useful information for companies seeking mentoring support and [&hellip

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