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Our People

Our people have a wealth of experience in supporting business leaders and entrepreneurs to grow and flourish.
Drawn from different business backgrounds our role is to help your business excel.


Smart Coaching & Training's guarantee is that our coaches are

  • Fully qualified
  • Members of a professional association
  • Properly insured
  • Appropriately supervised
  • Pursuing continual professional development

Code of Ethics

All of our people adhere to the Code of Ethics and Core Competencies of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and the Code of Ethics and Good Practice of the AOC (Association for Coaching).

Our People - Business Growth and Entrepreneur Coach -
Isla Baliszewska
Business Growth Coach Mentor and Facilitator

Isla's experience as a business leader informs her business support where she helps business leaders and entrepreneurs plan, implement strategies and systems, and grasp the right opportunities. She helps her clients realise their strengths, foster growth and innovative thinking and turn adversity into advantage.
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David Rigby
David Rigby
Positive Psychology and Resilience Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

An executive coach, consultant and conference speaker David uses NLP, emotional intelligence and mindfulness and specialises in personal branding, executive presence, gravitas and voice communication. His training practice focuses on leadership, team-building, innovation, change management and customer service, to deliver public and in-house training throughout the Middle East. 
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Our People - Executive Coach
Halina Jaroszewska
Executive and Leadership Coach, Trainer and Strategic Consultant

Halina is an Executive Coach, professionally certified by the International Coach Federation.  She helps leaders and aspiring leaders to turn uncertainty into a powerful tool for change and growth.  Her aim is to enable clients to take their success to the next level, switch surviving into thriving and maximise their potential.
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Mary Ely


Mary Ely
Business  Coach & Change Management Specialist

Mary combines her business and life experiences with a keen interest in people and personal development, natural curiosity, empathy and common sense to deliver practical, results focused coaching and change management consulting that creates value for her clients
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Our People - Trainer and Coach Mentor
John Fowler
Trainer and Coach Mentor

John is an enthusiastic and dedicated professional trainer and mentor with extensive experience in management and sales. He brings his supportive and dynamic skills in communication, influencing, team building and leadership to elicit great learnings and organisational improvements
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Our People - Business and Leadership Coach
Gia Campari

Business and Leadership Coach

Gia is a creative leader of teams and performance improvement programmes that consistently exceed expected results. Successful in leading teams to find innovative solutions to critical business issues, she is a sensitive mentor and coach to senior management supporting them to successfully lead teams through transition and step change.

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Our People - Coach and Trainer
Roy McDonald
Coach and Trainer

A talented and caring coach mentor and trainer with a robust sales background and considerable experience working at all organisational levels. Roy takes his clients on a journey of discovery and development to help facilitate their goals in a challenging and sensitive way.

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Mohamed Hamdan

Mohamad Hamdan

Consultant and Trainer

Mohamad's business vision is to lead success in organisations through providing creative solutions. He helps people develop tools to develop creative, critical, and analytical thinking, delivering training and support that reveals embedded motives and hidden agendas thus enabling individuals and teams to see their way forward, communicate better and manage challenge.

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Randa Shanableh

Randa Shanableh
Coach, Trainer 

Randa is a passionate, creative and challenging trainer and coach, getting quickly to the issues at hand and working with clients to find solutions, develop new skills and find ways to problem solve, manage change and build effective strategies.  Her aim is to train and coach individuals and teams to move beyond their current issues through innovative thinking and solutions.
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Miral El Ramlawy

Miral El Ramlawi
Coach, Trainer, Assessor

Miral is an experienced bi-lingual Trainer, Coach and Assessor who works with individuals and teams to reach their objectives, and to identify and actualize potentials.
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Pam CorriganPam Corrigan
Consultant, Coach, Trainer

Pam is a human resource manager and training consultant experienced in the complexities of learning and development in the multicultural environment.
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Mira RileyMira Raley
Consultant, Coach, Trainer

Mira is a bilingual trainer and consultant based in the Middle East, with over ten years of experience developing training and assessment programmes.
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Sally Al Shafey

Sally al Shafey
Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Sally has over 16 years' experience of Learning & Development and coaching.  She has an extensive background and a rich blend of practical hands-on experiences.
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Our People