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Posted on 10, February 2016

in Category Career Development, Decisions, Emotional Intelligence, leadership, Personal Development

Webinar - Personal Branding using Emotional IntelligenceSign up for the Webinar that will make a Big Difference to your personal branding!

Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness and Personal Branding are terms frequently used by psychologists and executive coaches, not often joined together.  This practical webinar shows how to use these techniques to deliver major improvements in yourself, your interactions with family and friends and to upscale your career.  And how to design a holistic, targeted but consistent face-to-face and Social Media presence to reflect the person you have become, which will attract the kind of people you chose.

If you want to:

  • Rapidly improve your career
  • Develop better results in your life
  • Transition from one role to another especially from manager to leader
  • Properly exploit Social Media
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and how to use it
  • Understand Personal Branding and how to properly enhance your image
  • Be ‘discovered’ by having a great LinkedIn presence.

then this is the webinar for you. Read more…

David Rigby has years of experience using NLP, emotional intelligence and mindfulness within consulting roles and with individual clients specializing in personal branding, executive presence, gravitas and voice communication. He is developing his |SCT practice focusing on leadership, team building, innovation, change management and customer service, delivering public and in house training to clients throughout the UK and the Middle East.

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