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Our Scope

The Person, the Team, the Organisation

Performance CoachingWorking with You, the Person

You need us to focus not on the problem, but on you, your development, attitudes, talents and mindset.  In partnership with you we will be looking for the internal solutions that will be your catalysts and your enablers.  We will do this with you by exploring;

  • Your beliefs – limiting ones and liberating ones
  • Your mindset – fixed and growth
  • Your perspective and what things look like from different perspectives
  • Your motivations – intrinsic, external, pleasure or pain.


Team Coaching

Working with the Team

The best teams function well within a matrix that encompasses relationships with other team members, interactions up and down the organisational hierarchy, task performance, knowledge and implementation of processes, alignment of personal with organisational values, and self-awareness.

Building your high performing team is our objective, supporting them to

  • Understand the team dynamics
  • Know their own strengths and capabilities
  • Find the ‘stretch’ to make the difference
  • Share clear, compelling and measurable expectations and objectives
  • Find the right systems and processes to achieve the right outcomes.


Business CoachingWorking with the Organisation

You want your organisation to be agile, innovative, responsive, productive, leading the field. Having good external support is fundamental to the success of any business or organisation, driving results and enabling the business vision. Our experts focus on transforming leaders to be effective and successful, to know why the business is there, where it is heading, what are the strategic goals, what are the planned tactics, what are the benchmarks.

We are there to be your partner for leaders to

  • Establish the business vision, value proposition and goals
  • Create a robust business strategy
  • Choose the right tactics to implement that strategy
  • Have the right people and develop them appropriately.