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Training on Productivity and Great Meetings – Case Study

Business Overview


SCT has undertaken many training courses in Kuwait. Most recently we were invited to present training under the title  Maximizing Productivity & Avoiding Disfunctional Meetings.

Productivity is not just about doing the same old things efficiently. It is about doing the right things and doing them effectively.  What are the right things? Those which are connected with the efficient delivery of services or goods to the paying customer.  We all attend countless meetings many of which are pointless, deliver nothing and waste participants’ time. Attending fewer meetings organised for well-defined outcomes allows people to use their time productively on other tasks and really gain benefit from contributing to the meetings they attend.

Previously SCT have run many courses in Kuwait, some several times, including

  • Diversity for Global Teams
  • How to run a meeting
  • Change Management Strategy
  • HR metrics & Workforce Analysis.

This seminar was organised by Skills International in Kuwait. Other training courses have been delivered via Baker Tilly.


The training was held in the prestigious Jumeirah Hotel to 32 delegates, men and women ranging from early 20’s to 60, with varying degrees of comprehension of English.

This seminar was designed to enable participants to:

  • Understand how Change Management and Process re-engineering techniques can radically improve productivity
  • Redesign a customer focused service to radically improve customer satisfaction as well as productivity
  • Prepare and plan meetings with the right objectives, participants, and agenda
  • Facilitate and chair meetings to maximise results and deliver agreed objectives within a timescale.

How we did it

Our experience in delivering the best and most effective training is that having the key information about what clients might already know is never available. Appreciating this our methodology is to

  • Build a tightly structured outline for the topics
  • Storyboard the basic contents
  • Keep Powerpoint to an absolute minimum
  • Build a detailed Word document containing most of the basic content as a guide and a takeaway
  • Include activities, group work, pair work and video to increase concentration, being mindful of cultural constraints in Kuwait, particularly with giving presentations in English.

The training is therefore focused around discussion, sharing and collaboration.  It relies on the knowledge of the presenter to deal with the topics as they arise, and their ability to be flexible when dealing with the different levels of knowledge and understanding.


A great result was that of 90 appraisal form ratings only one was ‘good’. The rest were ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

One candidate went on to explore the benefits of C-me Behavioural Colour Profiling and all delegates gave great feedback, as evidence by Skills International requesting that we deliver further training.


David triggered the giant inside me when I attended his training course for productivity; I learned from him that time is very precious to make changes. I am focusing on myself more now. Thanks for the Elevator Pitch – it worked well for me. Thanks David again for inspiring me!”

Client in Kuwait – as seen on LinkedIn