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Breaking the Spell to Master your Mindset 0

Posted on 29, March 2017

in Category Being Confident, Decisions, Mindset

Mindset and Decisions

Mastering your Mindset is within your reach!

Information comes into one’s life as a signpost. It’s all we need to design life as we want it. At first the signposts are subtle, very subtle in the pre-sent moment. If we ignore the signposts eventually we bring into being a life-changing event. It is essential that we get conscious and develop a practice to help turn us onto life, and to home in on the information from the Universe.

All it takes is 5 minutes each day in which to reflect and choose to see the gold versus the gloom.


Making the right decisions

When we decide to consciously take back control rather than allow others and events to control us it’s easy to break the spell. To be clear about what is important and to pause and breathe before making decisions helps us gain time and energy in which to make informed, appropriate, sustainable decisions.

By breaking the spell decisions can be

.       made based on past results

.       reflecting our values

.       in alignment with intuitive predictions of what is to come.

It is important to let go of attachment to what might be. Viewing the situation based on present possibilities brings to the table a grounded, balanced approach. By breaking the spell we give ourselves permission to ‘turn back on’, thus enabling us to be 100% responsible and to take 100% responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

Top tip#1:

Every hour take a 2 minute break in which to invite your mind to quieten and refresh.

Mastering the mind

Mastering your mind is a certain challenge, a fascinating game to engage in, and tough on entrenched behaviours, patterns, beliefs. The question to ask in each and every situation is this: Who do I want to be in this moment? Mastering your mind is like bringing magnets back into alignment, having cogs engaging smoothly.

Creating new neural pathways is always challenging as we love keeping ourselves stuck with the familiar, the comfortable, the ‘taken-for-granteds’, the unquestioning ‘going-along-withs’. We can if we choose, learn new behaviours and create better situations. The choice is as always in our hands. Once we choose to get over ourselves anything is possible!

A helpful mantra:

Let new affirmations and behaviours pull me towards where I want to be. And where might that be, is the question?

Let the good stuff in – our brains release endorphins when we are relaxed and happy. In this state of bliss we are more likely to overcome challenges and transform situations to improve our lives. Treat yourself to indulging in savouring each day a handful of things you enjoy doing. As you do them let the good stuff in, as you both enjoy them in the moment as well as remember all the good things associated with that enjoyable thing.

Top secret: on the QT, very hush hush and strictly confidential…… is to enjoy the flow.

Enjoy the Flow

Notice that a hero or heroine tends to handle whatever turns up. Applying that principle, take the opportunity to transform in order that your dream can inch closer to your grasp.

Top Tip #2:

Withhold judgement.

Top Tip #3:

By definition different behaviour brings different outcomes.

Enjoy the journey.  Transform difficulties into gold: Turn yourself onto the way life really is – use your power!

Halina Jaroszewska