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5 Hot Tips for Overcoming Obstacles & your Inner Critic 0

Posted on 5, February 2018

in Category Decisions, Mindset, Motivation

Inner critic

It’s all about mindset What you say when you talk to yourself [Shad Helmsetter’s best-selling book] Why you give the imposter syndrome permission control your life Whether you are prepared to act ‘as it’ – even ‘fake it till you make it’ How much you indulge your gremlins, those inner critics.   Susan Jeffers wrote a whole book on ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. It is essentially about the choices we make. What if you choose to replace fear with another, stronger emotional driver; that of core confidence? Choosing to be controlled [&hellip

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Posted on 4, November 2016

in Category Decisions, leadership

The Pareto Principle

We all know that this is the rule most of us live upside down – instead of getting 80% of results for our 20% of effort, we generally expend 80% of our time getting 20% of what we want

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