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Careering from Career to Career 0

Posted on 5, February 2018

in Category Career Development, Mindset

Career Coaching

Recently, I met one of my clients, whom, two years ago, I encouraged to ‘swim in a different pool’ (according to her testimonial). She is very happy in her new role. She says, as a career coach I gave her the courage to change. But first she needed to decide what she wanted to do How did she do it? How would you do it? For many people they get their first job by chance, by who they knew, by their qualifications or education subjects. So career decisions are fixed when you start specialising at school. Some of us have [&hellip

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Women at the Top 0

Posted on 28, April 2017

in Category Career Development, leadership, Motivation

Wow!  So much in the media about women’s place at work! Greg Hurst in the Times pointed out that female leaders are better than their male counterparts. ……The Wall Street Journal last year reported on how men won more promotions and women felt that gender issues contributed to them not getting promotions.   ……Last year the Fawcett Society called for more action to tackle the gender pay gap.   ……The Guardian reported that despite the increase in the number of women in UK boardrooms, they still tend to hold non-executive and non-CEO or Chair positions. ……According to a report from Coutts [&hellip

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New Signature Corporate Training 0

Posted on 12, September 2016

in Category coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Mindset, People Development

Signature Corporate Training

Here is a great opportunity to combine a trip to an exotic location with some valuable learning – join David Rigby and Randa Shanableh in Casablanca from 26th – 30th September for a trio of courses delivered in English and Arabic.   And….get a Free Trip to Ali Ben al Falah Horse Display in Marrakech in the evening on 28th September.   Choose from the following courses: 1.   Building a Personal Brand using C-me Colour Profiling and LinkedIn LinkedIn is the most used and most successful digital professional network in the world. Used properly it can increase your social standing and worth, [&hellip

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Brand Yourself to Success 0

Posted on 10, February 2016

in Category Career Development, Decisions, Emotional Intelligence, leadership, Personal Development

Sign up for the Webinar that will make a Big Difference to your personal branding! Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness and Personal Branding are terms frequently used by psychologists and executive coaches, not often joined together.  This practical webinar shows how to use these techniques to deliver major improvements in yourself, your interactions with family and friends and to upscale your career.  And how to design a holistic, targeted but consistent face-to-face and Social Media presence to reflect the person you have become, which will attract the kind of people you chose. If you want to: Rapidly improve your [&hellip

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