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Change The Wallpaper 0

Posted on 29, June 2016

in Category Decisions, Enterprise & innovation, Managing Change

Effective Change

Change is not always sought or planned and not always welcomed.   Last year 14 year old Domanik Green hacked into his school computer in Florida.  Did he alter exam answers?  Did he meddle with pupil’s grades?  No. He changed the school computer’s wallpaper.   His reason was simple; he wanted to annoy a teacher he didn’t like. Some people interviewed after Brexit admitted voting Leave because they were annoyed, wanting to make a point, and they were alarmed at the result. The result has bred high levels of uncertainty and alarm at an unknown future with warnings of doom and calamity looming. Domanik [&hellip

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How mentoring and coaching supports leaders 0

Posted on 23, March 2016

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Following on our theme of  sharing the success stories of some of those we work with and come across, here is the story from Svitlana Surodina, CEO of Skein, another of  the businesses that connected with Halina under the Growth Voucher scheme.  Skein have just been approved by Crown Commercial Services as an official supplier for UK public sector organisations. “Skein is actively growing with some new world-known clients such as TP-link and University of Geneva and we are going  through multiple client project launches and in addition an investment  process for our own projects. “Developing leadership skills is an integral part of what I [&hellip

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Change your words Change your world 0

Posted on 21, April 2015

in Category Decisions, Enterprise & innovation, Mindset, Personal Development, Training

Words make a Difference

How our bodies are dictates what and how we think. What and how we think dictates what we say and how we say it. What we say and how we say it dictates the results we get. And reverberating around the world can be heard – But that’s not what I meant! [that is the title of a book by Deborah Tannen] You have misunderstood me! If only you listened! Why can’t you get on the same page! As Barak Obama said in what is considered to be his best speech ‘Don’t tell me words don’t matter’ Watch this. Every [&hellip

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Embedding & Leveraging Impact 0

Posted on 17, February 2015

in Category Enterprise & innovation

On Wednesday 11 February at University of West of England and British Academy of Management’s Embedding & Leveraging wider impact into your research workshop Halina was in conversation with organiser Nicholas O’Reagan, Professor of Strategy, Enterprise & Innovation at UWE’s Bristol Business School and one of the presenters Gavin Copeland, Assistant Director Impact of Science & Research, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. Read more&#

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