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How mentoring and coaching supports leaders 0

Posted on 23, March 2016

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Following on our theme of  sharing the success stories of some of those we work with and come across, here is the story from Svitlana Surodina, CEO of Skein, another of  the businesses that connected with Halina under the Growth Voucher scheme.  Skein have just been approved by Crown Commercial Services as an official supplier for UK public sector organisations. “Skein is actively growing with some new world-known clients such as TP-link and University of Geneva and we are going  through multiple client project launches and in addition an investment  process for our own projects. “Developing leadership skills is an integral part of what I [&hellip

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A personal Leadership Journey 0

Posted on 2, February 2016

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AT SCT we like to share the success stories of some of those we work with and come across; we love this story from Lorena Oberg, who Halina connected with under the Growth Voucher scheme.  Lorena is on Channel 4’s Bodyshockers on February 10th.  Here is her leadership journey: “My personal road to leadership came from a place that many women are in.  Being told for years that I was “always drawing attention to myself” and that I “only ever did anything so I could get thanks” took me to a place where I was very uncomfortable getting praise and [&hellip

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Risk it and try some collaboration? 1

Posted on 3, February 2015

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Effective Leadership

What are the current trends on problems for companies and people? Companies are looking for more tailored and integrated ways of driving action. When trying to marshal large scale, diverse and remote work forces ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work. Localized, targeted and aligned programmes have a far higher chance of success. They need to regenerate a sense of belonging and re-establish trust and integrity. Having open and clear conversations has an enormous pay off on the bottom line. Collaborative forms of leadership, create followers that engage and want to succeed. Recent research shows that during the recession MDs/CEOs were [&hellip

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Growing your business in the dark 0

Posted on 25, April 2014

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Rhubarb forcing sheds

Now that I am ensconced in Riyadh thoughts naturally gravitated to Yorkshire and the Rhubarb industry – prompted by BBC Radio 4’s On Your Farm programme on Rhubarb . Rhubarb is fashionable again today after a major decline after world war two. . Appearing in many guises in the most up-scale restaurants as well as in the greengrocers and yogurt pots.  However it likely that the younger generations don’t know what it is in the greengrocers or what to do with it. It is virtually unknown in the rest of the world, though there are Rhubarb festivals in various parts [&hellip

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Growth Vouchers – explained….. 0

Posted on 9, April 2014

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In January this year the £30m Growth Vouchers Scheme was launched by Lord Young giving small businesses the opportunity to apply for up to £2000 of funded business support.  Qualifying UK businesses much have fewer than 49 employees, been trading for less than a year and not have paid for business advice in the last 3 years.  The funding, which the business must match, can cover • Finance and cashflow.   • Recruiting and developing staff.   • Improving leadership and management skills.   • Marketing, attracting and keeping customers.   • Making the most of digital technology. Small businesses [&hellip

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