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Women at the Top 0

Posted on 28, April 2017

in Category Career Development, leadership, Motivation

Wow!  So much in the media about women’s place at work! Greg Hurst in the Times pointed out that female leaders are better than their male counterparts. ……The Wall Street Journal last year reported on how men won more promotions and women felt that gender issues contributed to them not getting promotions.   ……Last year the Fawcett Society called for more action to tackle the gender pay gap.   ……The Guardian reported that despite the increase in the number of women in UK boardrooms, they still tend to hold non-executive and non-CEO or Chair positions. ……According to a report from Coutts [&hellip

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Posted on 4, November 2016

in Category Decisions, leadership

The Pareto Principle

We all know that this is the rule most of us live upside down – instead of getting 80% of results for our 20% of effort, we generally expend 80% of our time getting 20% of what we want

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How mentoring and coaching supports leaders 0

Posted on 23, March 2016

in Category Enterprise & innovation, Growing your Business, leadership, Uncategorized


Following on our theme of  sharing the success stories of some of those we work with and come across, here is the story from Svitlana Surodina, CEO of Skein, another of  the businesses that connected with Halina under the Growth Voucher scheme.  Skein have just been approved by Crown Commercial Services as an official supplier for UK public sector organisations. “Skein is actively growing with some new world-known clients such as TP-link and University of Geneva and we are going  through multiple client project launches and in addition an investment  process for our own projects. “Developing leadership skills is an integral part of what I [&hellip

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Brand Yourself to Success 0

Posted on 10, February 2016

in Category Career Development, Decisions, Emotional Intelligence, leadership, Personal Development

Sign up for the Webinar that will make a Big Difference to your personal branding! Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness and Personal Branding are terms frequently used by psychologists and executive coaches, not often joined together.  This practical webinar shows how to use these techniques to deliver major improvements in yourself, your interactions with family and friends and to upscale your career.  And how to design a holistic, targeted but consistent face-to-face and Social Media presence to reflect the person you have become, which will attract the kind of people you chose. If you want to: Rapidly improve your [&hellip

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A personal Leadership Journey 0

Posted on 2, February 2016

in Category Enterprise, Growing your Business, leadership

AT SCT we like to share the success stories of some of those we work with and come across; we love this story from Lorena Oberg, who Halina connected with under the Growth Voucher scheme.  Lorena is on Channel 4’s Bodyshockers on February 10th.  Here is her leadership journey: “My personal road to leadership came from a place that many women are in.  Being told for years that I was “always drawing attention to myself” and that I “only ever did anything so I could get thanks” took me to a place where I was very uncomfortable getting praise and [&hellip

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