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Ditch or Desire? Finding what behaviours and mindsets you want to have 0

Posted on 2, January 2019

in Category Mindset, New year's resolutions

             Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits” -Anon     Everyone knows that New Year is when we rush around making decisions about what resolutions we need to make, knowing that 9 times out of 10 they won’t stick. So how about stepping up a level, looking at this from a different perspective, being creative, inspirational and a bit playful? Ask yourself these two Big Questions:      Big Question One What behaviour or mindset or way of thinking or habit would you dearly love to [&hellip

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5 Hot Tips for Overcoming Obstacles & your Inner Critic 0

Posted on 5, February 2018

in Category Decisions, Mindset, Motivation

Inner critic

It’s all about mindset What you say when you talk to yourself [Shad Helmsetter’s best-selling book] Why you give the imposter syndrome permission control your life Whether you are prepared to act ‘as it’ – even ‘fake it till you make it’ How much you indulge your gremlins, those inner critics.   Susan Jeffers wrote a whole book on ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. It is essentially about the choices we make. What if you choose to replace fear with another, stronger emotional driver; that of core confidence? Choosing to be controlled [&hellip

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Careering from Career to Career 0

Posted on 5, February 2018

in Category Career Development, Mindset

Career Coaching

Recently, I met one of my clients, whom, two years ago, I encouraged to ‘swim in a different pool’ (according to her testimonial). She is very happy in her new role. She says, as a career coach I gave her the courage to change. But first she needed to decide what she wanted to do How did she do it? How would you do it? For many people they get their first job by chance, by who they knew, by their qualifications or education subjects. So career decisions are fixed when you start specialising at school. Some of us have [&hellip

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