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Focus and Planning the Olympic Way 0

Posted on 1, September 2016

in Category Mindset, Motivation, Personal Development

In an interview with Matt Whitlock on the BBC following the Olympic Games in Rio, Sarah Montague congratulated him on winning two individual gold medals and a bronze medal for the team, and that his first gold medal was the first ever Team GB gold medal for gymnastics.

She asked him some interesting questions: ‘Did you ever dare to dream before Rio ….. ? After winning the first how did you handle yourself? What did you tell yourself?”

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Be a Great Mentor 0

Posted on 6, April 2016

in Category Mentoring, Personal Development

We are all doing or have done some mentoring at some point in our lives – whether with our friends and family, or in a more formalised way through using our considerable experience of a particular sector to mentor a business owner, or colleagues at work.  For those who are mentors in a work or business environment, on a voluntary or paid basis, having an opportunity to embed and build real impactful mentoring skills through some professional development can have real value for those who you are helping through your mentoring support. The Business Mentoring Fundamentals Course in Bristol on 20th [&hellip

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