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Changes to government £1000 grant scheme for businesses, charities, and social enterprise 0

Posted on 16, September 2011

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Up to £1000 of matched funding is available per organisation to help it’s leaders to devleop their skills and grow the business. (That is, to receive £1000 you need to spend £1000 too!)

The current Leadership and Management Advisory Service (LMAS) scheme has been running since April 2011. If you benefitted from the previous scheme you are still allowed to benefit from this one. If you are to qualify, these are the key criteria.

For businesses

  • Planned growth of 20% per year over the next 3 years – in turnover or staff numbers.
  • More than one person involved in the organisation, ideally two or more full-time equivalent employees. (Technically: “have at least one employee in addition to the senior leader.”)
  • Not more than 250 staff.

For social enterprises / charities

  • As above, however growth requirement is 10% per year over three years.
  • Support could be given to unpaid staff such as a trustee

As the scheme progresses, and individual applications are considered, it becomes clearer which businesses qualify. There has also been some “softening” in requirements as we have seen that the criteria for growth are about plans and not a need to show growth from past results.

We can help with coaching, training and other solutions to help you to develop your leadership and thus your business. We can talk through with you this and other grant opportunities for your business.

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