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Cheerleaders and the Pom Pom Paradigm 0

Posted on 31, January 2011

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Picture this – you have your own personal virtual cheerleader at your disposal, complete with pom-poms, that you can take out at any time to wave you on whenever you feel your life is flagging.

New Year is a time when we have an instinctive desire to make changes.  Seeing this as an opportunity to add to our lives rather than taking something away is a refreshing viewpoint and one which is very trendy.  The Telegraph recently gave us tips on how learning something new can bring a new dimension to your holiday experience and the Observer suggested some learning curves for a few of our business leaders “Perhaps bankers could go to charm school, BA could make friends with the unions and Warren Buffett could understand where he has gone astray”.

Before we get back to pom-poms, what are we actually doing when we make a resolution?  We are committing to changing the way that we think and act.  The easy part is the deciding to change, the less easy part is the deciding what to change, the even less easy part is the deciding how to change it, and the most difficult part is making that change.  And that’s not to mention all the dithering and excuses that surround resolutions, before you even get to start learning or having your new life experiences.  And here’s where the pom-pom paradigm comes in.

Thinking and acting differently is a challenge and one very simple way to ensure this is to have a cheerleader or two.  In another Telegraph article a 2005 study was quoted which highlighted the importance of personal perceptions of self-control affecting the likelihood of achieving goals.  Self-control – a big word, and an even bigger action.  Time to turn to your cheerleaders!  Look around, where are the pom-pom wavers? Who is there to help you keep on course, support you when you dither, ensure you are making the right choices and have the right strategies to see these through?

Happily, the coaches at the Swindon Coaching Team provide cheerleaders for all types of personal and work related change, supporting business leaders, career professionals and individuals looking for personal change.  We have the metaphorical pom-poms to provide the supportive cheer needed to make good choices and achieve effective outcomes.  And we have a lot of other clever stuff to see you on your way forward to personal or business growth.