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Ditch or Desire? Finding what behaviours and mindsets you want to have 0

Posted on 2, January 2019

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New Year New Behaviours and Mindsets


         Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits”




Everyone knows that New Year is when we rush around making decisions about what resolutions we need to make, knowing that 9 times out of 10 they won’t stick. So how about stepping up a level, looking at this from a different perspective, being creative, inspirational and a bit playful?

Ask yourself these two Big Questions:

     Big Question One

What behaviour or mindset or way of thinking or habit would you dearly love to ditch / eliminate from your life?

     Big Question Two

What behaviour or mindset or way of thinking or habit would you desire to have/want to invite into your life?

Have a really good think about them; think what your life will look and feel like without that behaviour or mindset; and what will it look and feel like with the new habit or way of thinking or mindset; what will it bring you to ditch the old ones and invite in the new ones; what will be better; what will be the benefits?

Years ago Volkswagen’s Fun Theory initiative looked at how to change behaviour for the better, specifically getting people to take the escalator rather than the stairs. It worked because – yes, you guessed it – people had fun!  Have a look

Changing behaviours and mindsets


So now you’ve decided what your answers to the two Big Questions are, spend some time playing around with some possible ways of ditching the habits / behaviours / mindsets / ways of thinking that you don’t want, and developing the ones that you really desire.

Be as wacky, ingenious and creative as you want at this stage. Get a load of post it notes and write ideas on each one. Or find a big sheet and felt tip pens and draw your ideas. Or make a super complex spreadsheet if that’s your creative medium. Whatever, have fun!

The final part of this bit of creative play is picking a few of those options to start building some goals from. The subject of ‘Goals’ is another whole conversation; for here and now, stepping into 2019, when you pick a few goals, focus on the first small steps to take towards them. If you want help going further with your goals get in touch with us.

Right now, enjoy your Ditching and Desiring and remember…you’re doing your own Behaviour Change Marketing – on yourself.


Changing perspective

Isla Baliszewska