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Internet – help or hindrance? 0

Posted on 29, January 2011

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I’ve just read a fascinating article by Tim Weber, BBC News Editor, reporting from the 2011 Economic Forum in Davos as he chats to business leaders in a sea of laptops and other mobile devices.

He reflects on how we are now “hyperconnected” with mobile devices now outnumbering both laptops and toothbrushes. Is all this information which is changing the way that we relate and shop, that is “the abundant distractions of the internet” a help or a hindrance? If the size of my inbox is anything to go by, I suspect it is a hindrance!

In this age where people’s brands or reputations can be destroyed in seconds, advice to leaders is “treat your employees with respect and stick to your values” and make sure you find time to think and to reflect. This sounds like a good summary for success in the 21st Century information age. Discovering ways to be true to your individual and corporate values, and to find time to make good decisions that flow from these, sound like good topics for a conversation with your coach.

Full article here: the photo brings the message home!