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Leadership – ‘C-me’ Style 0

Posted on 31, January 2017

in Category leadership, Personal Development

Leadership C-me style

It is so easy to slot into ‘this must be me’, to believe in the stereotype, to accept the personality type designated, default to what is expected, to become the mistress or master of illusion with ‘Once I …. then I will’ ….. rather than to survey the C-me Colour Profilinglandscape and what lives there and ask

What will suit this best? 

What is working well?

What could work even better? 

How can I, as a leader, work with the actual material rather than wish it were different?

How to create the climate to significantly improve the landscape?

How willing am I as a leader to put ‘me’ on one side and step into the shoes of the other –  to discover what the       landscape of the organisation / team / board / department looks like from that perspective?

How willing am I to listen?

How willing am I to use my preferences to understand others preferences?’

C-me Colour profiling describes characteristics of the 4 colour preferences as follows:

Logical and analytical – Enjoys problem solving – Needs time for reflection – Realistic – Sorts out the details – Strong sense of duty – Structured and disciplined

Bold and determined – Confident and optimistic – Enjoys stretching goals – Leads from the front – Sets a winning mentality – Thinks big – Direct and to the point

Considerate and caring – Genuine concern for colleagues –Avoids conflict -Involves others in decisions – Respects others values – Supportive and loyal – Works for a democratic solution

Free spirited – Friendly and optimistic – Generous and open-minded – Inspirational and visionary – Looks on the bright side – Positive outlook – Spontaneous and imaginative

Each colour has its positive and least positive attributes. Each colour is perfect for whatever one wants to achieve providing one is prepared to shift perspective in order to see or recognise it.

For example, every leader needs to be able, agile, appreciative of when to call on the strength of a particular colour preference. Within C-me’s repertoire, which provides the natural and adapted or learned personas, the savvy leader has all the information at their finger-tips to decide or choose which preference or combination of preferences to use in a particular situation.

Coming clean about most effective and least effective ways to communicate is a great place to start. Want to find out more about C-me? Click here.

The elegance, the beauty, the magic of a personality profile is this: you are telling you who, what, how, why you are you? This is especially so if C-me Colour Profiling is used as it reveals preferences, gives insights into one’s natural and adapted or learned persona, provides clarity, challenges assumptions and provokes development potential.

C-me also highlights hidden potential – perfect for identifying routes to succession planning. It alludes to unique pairings of traits not usually recognised. C-me gives leaders both valuable information for their leadership development potential as well as that of colleagues and the competitive edge when dealing with clients and stakeholders, internal and external. Simply it is because knowing oneself better enables one to be more perceptive and insightful around others.

C-me gives an exclusive gift of vulnerability by virtue of the wealth of information it provides enabling a deeper level of honesty and trust to develop and engage with.

It sets the scene for high standards.

It’s a disruptor of the status quo.

Try It!

Halina Jaroszewska