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Posted on 2, January 2011

in Category New year's resolutions

How many new year resolutions have you made for 2011? If you’re anything like me, you’ll have answered ‘none’, because I know I shan’t be able to keep any of them. I know from bitter experience, it gets really hard to keep up the good work by the middle of January, and that’s exactly where our coaches can help. We’ve got one of our free drop-in sessions on Wednesday 12th January at the National Trust Cafe in Swindon and we shall be there, helping you to keep those resolutions, and maybe even helping you with others you’ve only dreamed about.
After the last drop-in session Gerry R, an independent financial advisor, said “it was good just to see how they operate. It was very laid back, but they are obviously listening…… I found that a very good experience, and clearly they are professional people …. I would recommend it. I’ve experienced it!”