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Code of Ethics & Conduct

Code of Ethics & Conduct

Code of Ethics and Values

Smart Coaching & Training and its Associates adhere to the Code of Ethics of both the Association for Coaching and the International Coaching Federation.  We also hold our own Code of Ethics and Good Practice:

We believe in the power of coaching, mentoring and proper business support to transform people and businesses.

We value each client as an individual and each business as an asset, working flexibly and collaboratively to be responsive and effective and to meet the needs of the client.

We respect each team member as a specialist and for their contribution to the service.

We encourage mutual support and growth.

We promote the wholeness and wellness of the individual client or organisation.

We create excellence and new directions.

Code of Conduct

Smart Coaching & Training and its Associates abide by the company Code of Conduct in all its dealings, to

Respect absolutely the confidential nature of the client relationship, ensuring all legal and statutory requirements regarding client data are adhered to.

Conduct robust and clear contracting with clients and any stakeholders to include the nature of the relationship, what the service delivery is and what the expectations are.

Deal honestly, ethically and fairly with the all suppliers, customers, competitors and employees, clients, stakeholders.

Abide by all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the business, using sound judgement and common sense to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Adhere to all anti-corruption and bribery, equality and diversity, environmental, data protection and GDPR, health and safety compliance requirements.

Not compromise the position of Smart Coaching & Training in any manner and not pledge services of the company to anyone without prior agreement from Smart Coaching & Training.

Maintain at all times a professional and ethical approach.

Core Competencies

Smart Coaching & Training and its Associates adhere to the Core Competencies of the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics and the AC Coaching Competency Framework Our Associates must also  demonstrate

Relevant experience of key aspects of running a business either as leader or at senior level and knowledge and understanding of challenges faced by business owners and leaders.

Communication skills – rapport building, understanding the client’s personal style, active listening, negotiation skills, recognising and managing areas of resistance and conflict, being able to challenge beliefs constructively in a non-judgemental and non-critical manner.

Expertise in developing and maintaining long term client relationships.

Knowledge of suitable alternative sources of information and support and ability to signpost/refer on.

Excellent time management and ability to prioritise effectively.

Continuing professional and personal development and supervision to stay compliant with and abreast of relevant industry developments.

Good record keeping and ability to produce coherent and informative reports.

Integrity, confidentiality, commitment, professionalism.