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Helen Morris

HelenMorris-GreenJacketHelen is an international public speaker, business trainer & NLP Coach who has made her base in the Middle East for the last 7 years working with many multi cultural organisations.  She has been involved with developing programs for Business Mindfulness, Customer Service Excellence, Communication & Coaching.  Her high energy is infectious and she quickly provides a premier environment for others to pick up on her transferable skills.

Corporate trained in 1997, Helen s experience over two decades of running her own Financial Advisory business provided her with the specialist skill set of mentoring in a fiduciary long term relationship.  In her early twenties she deviated from her core business, and lived a maverick 3 years moving to Miami & running a Multi-Cultural team in a five star hotelier setting.

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Helen’s business ethos, she understands the process of providing clear communication in the corporate world and what it takes to implement that into the everyday business world. Long term experience of implementing business strategies & providing exceptional customer service allows her to comprehend the difficulties faced in the workplace, how best to overcome obstacles and turn them into stepping stones; providing aftercare & support for teams is mandatory not an option.

Client History : Emirates | BSME Safa Schools Dubai | Associate of British Residents | British Business Group Dubai | APSL – Association of Professional Sri Lankans

Coaching Approach & Benefits

A qualified Financial Analyst, NLP Coach and Emotional Intelligence Consultant with a background of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Helen uses anchoring success techniques as a driver to provide Turbo Motivation for companies and individuals to unlock their true potential.  She coaches: business sense with a highly emotionally intelligence charge for personal development in an organization; providing autonomy for the individual; replacing fear with courage. Individuals may often release their own un-realized sub-conscious issues, which can go undetected and can undermine success at a core level. Facilitating an honest open and truthful forum leads to more creativity, more trust & more positive output for both personal & business coaching.

The benefits of Helen’s approach include:

  • Clear communication skills to set and produce personal outcomes
  • Positive mindset to overcome obstacles and set clear routes to the solutions
  • Connection at the molecular level to amend unconscious conflict
  • Goal setting & Timeline Therapy for ongoing professional development
  • Retrieving & understanding core values to produce motivation
  • Understanding process and strategy to maximize opportunities


Selected Testimonials

“Thank you for your personal coaching sessions, I feel confident and positive, others have already seen a change in my attitude, I’m excited to see the benefits unfold in my daily life.” N Eken        

“Delightful presentation, fun, informative and well delivered; Helen always manages to present complicated matters into easy to understand information; a surprise adaptation in this presentation for a complicated subject matter well done! Helen always puts her heart and soul into the training; Good, very good!;” Various Training Candidates

 “Helen has delivered executive training for myself  and my company for the last 5 years. She taught me to understand the real issues and find out the solutions within my company.  Helen made me proactive and always thinking ahead, I have learned from her how to manage a project perfectly. She developed my analytical skills and trained me to work with the team and recognize my own part within the team plus she also trained me to set and maintain standard level agreements within my organization.”  S Khan, COO Al OYOON Al Rakmya Technical Services LLC

Other Activities & Professional coaching contributions

Helen has presented at various conferences around the Middle East & Sri Lanka. Women’s involvement in business is close to her heart and she is a member of the International Business Women’s Group In Dubai.

Helen held the position of Vice Chair for a Financial Focus Group in the UAE.  She has also project managed the refurbishment of 3 properties at the same time as running her Financial Services in Wales, UK.