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Mohamad Hamdan

Background & Coaching Training Experience

Mohamed Hamdan

Mohamad Hamdan is a senior consultant and trainer in management and quality assurance. He established five international training academies in media and management in the Middle East. He is based in Lebanon and is an HR Director, trainer and quality consultant for the Lebanese University. In addition he is running UGMT for Management and Communications for several organisations. He is fully proficient in Arabic and English. His business mission is to lead success in organisations throughout providing creative solutions. His track record and years of experience include:

  • Leading management, quality, managing projects, and HR projects in the MENA region, establishing strategies, policies, procedures, documentation, manuals, with a great focus on developing and improving competencies
  • Management training in Lebanon, Dubai, Iraq, Sudan, Oman, Syria, and KSA
  • Sales and business development in wholesale and retail sectors
  • Consultancy and business development in the Middle East and North Africa, (Iraq, Sudan, Oman, Kuwait, Syria, and Lebanon), improving production methodologies, building new business strategies, management systems, HR systems, IT systems, developing and preparing the organization for the new challenges, developed strategic plans based on SWOT and STEEP analysis.


Training topics include: Leadership, Management for Engineers, Project Management, Management of Organizations Strategic Planning, Strategic Human Resources Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Organizations Development, Managing Change, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Creativity for Engineers (NASA); TV Production, ISO programmes, Business Ethics, Interpersonal Communications, Conflict resolution, Marketing & Sales Planning Interpersonal skills, Dealing with public media.

Client history and assignments include : Iraqi Government |Ministry of information Oman | The Lebanese University| American University for Culture and Education | Hyundai Sudan | Audi Bank | Lebanon Ministry of Agriculture| Ministry of information, Lebanon |Ministry of Planning Iraq |King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz University | Zara

Approach & Benefits

Mohamad works with participants individually ensuring each of them gain the required skills relevant to the positions they occupy. Changing from old mentalities to new ones based on dealing with situational cases, and sustained with creative, critical, and analytical thinking, is the most challenging issue he works on, building potential and superior IQ and EQ. Mohamad energizes his clients positively, his strategy being to turn on their embedded motives and hidden agenda so that they know why they exist and who are they. It is like starting from within and goes from the inside to the outside.

The benefits of Mohamad’s approach include:

  • Understanding customers’ needs so he can design a tailored program to meet their expectations
  • Working effectively on changing the mentality of the participants so that they are capable of dealing with different situations in a proactive way
  • Unleashing the hidden potentials of the trainees, letting them understand themselves better to act in a creatively.
  • Stretching participants byeond their comfort zone to reach forgotten successes
  • Focusing on best practice and hands on training
  • Building leaders who are capable of leading their organisation and developing the framework of its mission, vision and goals
  • Enhancing both managerial and interpersonal communication
  • Understanding how to effectively lead high performance teams.


Selected Testimonials

‘I have recently had an opportunity to work with Mohamad on a few projects in Oman. His dedication has truly been impressive. He shows a high degree of professionalism, attention to detail and a sense of drive to ‘get the job done’. He always tries to learn from others and that is the part I like the most in him.’ Owner of a Consultancy Foundation, Oman

‘Dr Hamdan is a dedicated and persistent quality manager. He has excellent process and execution skills and keeps things organized and methodical. He can provide solutions effectively for any issue related to the business. He communicates well with his peers. He is an asset to any organization and I thoroughly enjoyed having him working on developing the quality system of my holding companies.’  Owner of RBS Holding, Erbil

‘Mohamad is a magician who can turn you upside down when you attend his seminars in developing personal strategies. He has established a reputation of producing great enthusiasm with his audience and inspiring his participants. When he trains people, they become champions.’ Etiquette Trainer, UK.

Other Activities & Professional contributions

  • Instructor & Trainer, Lebanese University, Telecommunications Department, Audio Visual Engineering (AVEN) Master2 program.
  • Supervisor of audio visual Master Projects , Lebanese University
  • GM and Senior Business Consultant for many industrial and construction firms. (UGMT for Management and Telecommunications)
  • Support business solutions for top management in quality, finance, production, leadership, planning, HR, marketing and sales
  • Responsible for leading projects related to establishing and implementing the strategic planning of SME organizations. (UMB-SAI GLOBAL)

His publications include: ISO Series (8 books); 5-Phase Project Management for Engineers; The Good Government; The New Trends in Leadership; The Integrated Management System (IMS) – A new theory in management.