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Posted on 30, May 2017

in Category Communication, People Development

Understanding Yourself and Your Personal Brand with

C-me Colour-Profiling


Everyone has a personal brand whether they like it or not.  You can use emotional intelligence techniques to help you decide who you want to be and you can try to become it.  You can craft the perfect personal brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. And reflect yourself in the clothes you wear and the people you see.

But you cannot become just anyone you want to be.  Reality is you are what you are – you can tinker with who you are but ultimately you cannot change it.  So it is best to be comfortable with who you are rather than challenge it all the time.

So who are you?


C-me Colour Profiling can enable you to understand just who you are and how you flex and adapt. Starting with an on-line questionnaire you will get to understand whether you are a logical thinker or emotionally aware, whether you tend towards being introverted or extraverted, whether you like this or that, how you like to be communicated with, what your strengths are.  And you will be assigned your most predominant colour (red, yellow, green or blue) in a spectrum of preferences.

Interestingly when undergoing ‘games’ to become more aware you will typically assign yourself to one colour (this is who I am), and others will invariably assign you to another one (this is who they think you are – or this is the impression you give). You, and others, start to make set statements about yourself.

But wait! That isn’t what C-me is about.  C-me is much more sophisticated and insightful, helping you discover your personal preferences – how you tend to be, do and behave. YOU are a delightful mix of strengths, talents, abilities, that ebb and flow depending on your activity, the context, the social environment, your emotional state, and a lot of other variables.performance-management

As with emotional intelligence, which is about understanding yourself and also your relationship with others, colour profiling can help you understand yourself and explain why it’s easy to talk to some people but not with others.  Whoever you are its OK, but there are behaviours you can adopt and adapt to become more successful with others and others with you.

Your personal brand must be based on some semblance of reality otherwise you will never live it, and it is so difficult to live a perpetual lie.  C-me Colour profiling can help you understand how you really are, especially when life gets tough.  And it can help you develop your personal brand based on how you actually are as well as who you aspire to be.


David Rigby

June 2017

C-me Colour Profiling