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Presenters impressed by wealth of experience 0

Posted on 17, June 2011

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Thanks to those who listened in to our guest appearance on Swindon Radio 105.5 on Monday evening. Regular presenter Gerry Reilly was joined by Peter Jones from the Federation of Small Businesses to interview Richard, Ann-Marie and Stephen from the Swindon Coaching Team.

I enjoy these conversations, and part of the excitement is never quite knowing what the presenters, or listeners who phone in, will want to ask about. The conversation was wide ranging with a lot of interest in the history of our team, what coaching is all about, and what people might experience from an encounter with us. We emphasised that coaching is personal, and so people usually want to meet us, have an informal chat, and get to know us before deciding on any coaching – and that is the way we work. We mentioned our next event at Swindon Connections, and our current special offer of free coaching taster sessions.

Peter was interested in the range of different kinds of coaching we offer (from business coaching to relationship coaching to coaching young people) and wanted to hear about the background and experience of the coaches in the team. I think I was as surprised as him to realise the diversity of backgrounds we have, which help us to connect with our clients and their issues. Our collective backgrounds include work in sexual health, in Information Technology, as a doctor, in marketing, hypnotherapy, and starting a business… I won’t take up space with the full list!

The last laugh was had by Stephen when he was asked about good techniques for stress-busting. He talked about the benefits of a good belly laugh and how he has been instrumental in setting up a laughter club in Swindon!