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Presenting in the right way 0

Posted on 20, November 2015

in Category Personal Development, Presenting and Presentations, Training

This might seem like a bit of a trumpet blower, however witnessing someone presenting with provocation and challenge while being professional, empathic and inclusive is a rare thing – not to mention captivating the audience, being truly interesting, giving new ways of doing and being.  The trumpeting bit is that one of SCT’s own, Halina Jaroszewska, is very good at this as demonstrated when I shadowed her at a recent Women in Property event hosted by Thrings in Bristol.

Steve Jobs is often touted as one of the best presenters, Forbes called him the Ultimate Communicator, not relying on wordy Powerpoints, always flowing and moving in a relaxed manner, knowing his stuff and knowing his audience and being thoroughly rehearsed.

Part of presenting well is being totally ‘on brand’ with yourself and your organisation.  Whether you are a small business, a multi-national, a leader or senior executive, when in front of others you need to punch that branding message.  Hence Halina’s compelling presentation skills, being a total brand in herself and fitting this with the brand of her audience.

Contact Halina if you want to find out how she does it.