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In the spirit of seeking to develop potential in others we like to share great ideas and resources with you, both those we have developed here at Smart Coaching & Training and those offered by organisations and people we have good relationships with.     

On this page you will find:

  Free tools and exercises to download

  Ideas for great reads  - books to buy and savour

  Information about online courses we are happy to recommend

  Details on companies we have special relationships with

Naturally all this flows from our experiences and where appropriate you will need to do your own due diligence if you are planning to work with anyone we mention here.

And if you feel that we should be adding to this list let us know about your experiences so we can consider including them.

Free Tools and Resources 

Presents at Christmas

Below are some free downloads designed by our Associates to help you develop yourself, your team or your organisation.

Just click on the links to download your free document.

Want to take things further?  Get in touch and we will arrange an introductory chat with one of our team.

 Business Canvas Model - Strategy on one piece of paper - Get in touch for help with this!

 Communciation Cheat Sheet - clever ways to communicate even better

 5 x Harvard Management Tips - 5  Harvard Management Tips of the month

 Hammer or Nail - Which one are you?

 The GROW Model - A goal setting model 

Great Reads

Our suggestions for some informative and inspirational reading on a variety of topics.


The 99 Essential Business Questions - by Gia Campari et al

99 Essential Business Questions

“Problems are seldom what they seem. To find better ideas for action, you need to understand the problem, go behind the surface level, find deeper causes, and think better. You need better questions.”  

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Jack's Notebook - by Gregg Fraley

Jack's Notebook by Gregg Fraley

Instead of being teachy or telling you what to do Gregg spins a great creative thinking tool into a story. The result is that you want to read on, you don't get bored, and it is easy to apply to real life. Well worth a read if you have some tricky challenges and you need to be creative.

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The Mentoring Manual - by Julie Starr

Mentoring Manual Julie Starr

The guide to being a better mentor.  As a mentor you must be many things: role model, expert, advocate, cheerleader, enforcer and friend. Plus you must make a positive, lasting difference to the knowledge, skills and prospects of your mentee.

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The Economist: Coaching & Mentoring by Jane Renton

Economist Coaching & Mentoring

A clear and accessible guide to the types, differences and effectiveness of coaching and mentoring. A former presenter of BBC 2's The Money Programme, Jane explores what works and what makes a good coach or mentor. A good read whether you are on the delivery or the receiving side of these two disciplines.  

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Online Courses

Stress management for business owners, directors & managers 

Stress management Course

A practical action oriented course by Liz Makin designed to give you the tools to reduce your current stress and to enable you to manage stress positively going forward, understand and identify your stress, its symptoms and causes, and develop a personalised action plan to reduce your stress and build resilience.

Other Companies

We have built good relationships with the following businesses whose services might be useful to you. Please do your own due diligence if you wish to work with anyone listed here.

SRC Global Assignment Consulting

Susie Richards works with companies both to provide International Relocation & Assignment and Mobility Management Consulting services in the UK and abroad for companies with globally mobile employees, providing assignment planning and preparation as well as service provider liaison. 

Tailored Data Solutions 

TDS provide a comprehensive range of Data Services covering data cleansing, analysis and management, campaign management, compliance, database build, process automation and GDPR consultancy.  

Rubber Dragon 

Rubber Dragon have been in the world of website building since 2001, offering web applications, design and hosting, digital and social media marketing and lead generation. Working with small and medium sized businesses, corporates, and local government they focus on the customer objectives to deliver the right services.

The Association of Business Mentors

The trade body for business mentors in the UK and Ireland. Members undergo a thorough application process proving relevant experience to operate as credible business mentors.

FlexiDB and Mind Doodle

Believing in the community of the Internet FlexiDB aim to make database creation and deployment easy and simple to use. Mind Doodle is an online mindmapping software for teams and individuals offering collaboration and 2D or 3D mapping.

Dial A Geek

Dial A Geek provide IT support packages to all types of organisations, offering advice, installation, repair and support services in a range of packages to suit business size and need.