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Risk it and try some collaboration? 1

Posted on 3, February 2015

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What are the current trends on problems for companies and people?

Companies are looking for more tailored and integrated ways of driving action. When trying to marshal large scale, diverse and remote work forces ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work. Localized, targeted and aligned programmes have a far higher chance of success.

They need to regenerate a sense of belonging and re-establish trust and integrity. Having open and clear conversations has an enormous pay off on the bottom line. Collaborative forms of leadership, create followers that engage and want to succeed.

Recent research shows that during the recession MDs/CEOs were staying with organisations for even shorter times, this often meant that senior managers moved on quickly too. The result is that some organisations became skeletal in nature; too thin to survive therefore there is no room to anticipate or deal with any fluctuation of the organizational plan and growth then becomes a problem rather than a delight.

Risks and experimentation are at a minimum. Innovation is marginalized and the same old ways of working get the same old results. Change is not getting any slower and shortages exist at all key levels, so perhaps getting the best from people is not such a costly idea and practice after all. The world is small and big at the same time. Speed and flexibility is the key.

For people
Resilience is the key.
Keep learning.
Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.
Look for the good in what’s happening.
Have realistic expectations and enjoy the now.

Being self reliant, self motivated and self developmental because in some strange way this is what the company wants from people  and it’s what they you want for themselves.

However the years of recession have taught people to keep their heads down, don’t rack the boat and it’s best not to be noticed.

The need for great leaders as coaches and mentors is even greater than ever before, so collaborate, trust and talk the real key words for company and personal success


Posted by Peter Mayes


  1. Halina Jaroszewska says:

    Jack Dixon said: If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results. The taking of risks, innovating, trust, appreciation all are essential ingredients. In fact when people at all levels in an organisation take responsibility then change happens healthily and creatively. Potential is great however if it stays the best kept secret there is no benefit to the organisation.