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Posted on 1, February 2016

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The Rolls-Royce WomHJ at Rolls Royce Insights event with Anna Mealings HRD Defence, PPS and colleaguesen Network, which was re-launched September 2015, organise the Insight Hours.


The Insight Hours happen quarterly with the aim of providing employees with the opportunity to meet members of the leadership team. The objective of these sessions is to go beyond the general assumptions of senior management roles stepping into the personal and professional moments they bring.


“Instead of a monologue by the guest speaker, the small size of the group provides a space where ideas and experiences can be shared, providing a great opportunity to really get to know the person“, explained Patricia Patilla Sanchez, Services Solution Lead at Rolls Royce.


Patricia is instrumental in organising the Insight Hours and invited me to the first one following the network launch which took place on Wednesday 25th November 2015.


The HR Director – Defence, Anna Mealings was the key speaker and shared her story of how her career had unfolded,bringing her to Rolls-Royce. It was fascinating hearing how balancing career needs with family needs with career ambitions worked effectively.


Letting go of what seemed the job in fact created opportunities that hadn’t been considered. The insights we benefited from were many, stimulating much conversation and many questions. Staying true to who you are, being clear about boundaries and not colluding with bad behaviour all resonated with me. What a privilege it was to have been invited by Patricia to be part of this Insight Hour.


Planning of the programme in 2016 is underway with January’s speaker being the Global Head of Customer Business.