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Seeing Eye to Eye or Seeing Red 0

Posted on 13, February 2012

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I’ve been asked to do a series of talks as part of NRG networking lunches (12:30-2:30 p.m.)

Details of the talk are below, with upcoming dates. I look forward to seeing you there.
The talk is free, however there is a charge for the excellent lunch!
For venues and pricing, and to book, go to the NRG events page.

Upcoming dates in 2012.
Thursday 16th February, Bristol
Thursday 5th April, North Somerset

Seeing Eye to Eye or Seeing Red
Do you know how other people see you, and what effect this has on your relationships? Have you ever found that you just can’t see eye to eye with a colleague, or been at a meeting where one person seems always determined to contradict what you say? At work and at home, we tend to value the qualities of people with similar personalities to us, and struggle to value those who are opposite to us. How can we quickly recognise these influences and leant to build effective relationships, communication, and team work?

In an insightful and colourful way Richard Hovey will open our eyes to the way our personalities affect the way we see other people and communicate, and show us ways to instantly transform the effectiveness of the way that we relate to other people at work – and even at home. This is fun, and also important: research for the Harvard Business Review in 2002 found that 87% of the issues that business leaders face are to do with inter-personal skills, as distinct from technical competence.

Participants will
See a way to recognise different personalities and how these affect communication, relationships and team work
Discover more about their own personality and how people see them on a “good day” and on a “bad day”
Experience a model which will help them to quickly increase the effectiveness of their rapport-building and communications, which they can apply right away.

Previous participants enjoyed the presentation because it is interactive, relevant, and well-delivered. They have commented that they enjoyed discovering how others see them, about the “good day” and “bad day” behaviour associated with people’s behaviour, and how to use their learning to build teams.

Melissa Neil, Group Leader of an NRG Group in Bristol at which Richard spoke commented: “Richard Hovey delivered a fantastic talk to business group that I lead in November 2011. We have had many speakers, but I have to say Richard’s session on ‘seeing eye to eye or seeing red’, was the best we have had.

“Richard gave an interactive session where we played a game to understand our personality types and leadership styles. It was clear that Richard had prepared well and the group were very engaged and animated about the session. In addition to the game he gave some excellent background information about what to do once you have learned of your and colleagues style of behaviour, which everyone found very useful.

“I would highly recommend Richard as a professional coach and also for any talks and training sessions for businesses.”

To book, go to the NRG events page.