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Stories within stories within stories: Roles within roles within roles 0

Posted on 24, February 2017

in Category Mindset, Personal Development, Soft Skills

What are your stories and roles? It’s surprising what you

hear when you truly listen

see when you really look

know when you bravely open your intuitive memory

understand when you set free your mind.

Story Teller - Nick PiggottHow can you lean-in to take your place in the story? What boldness that has genius and magic in it might you use to take your place in the story? By employing gratitude as a valued member of the team how could that make a contribution? Unless you are actually in the story it is nigh impossible to influence the content and direction of the story.

“Tell a story. Make it true. Make it compelling. And make it relevant.” ― Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz

Every individual, every team, every organisation is a story and tells a story. Every individual, every team, every organisation is a system and being a system every part of that system no matter how miniscule no matter how huge has impact, influence, inspiration on the whole system. What is the story to be told, the outcome to achieve? What would be the evidence and most importantly how would you recognise the evidence? There are stories and roles wrapped up in everyone and every organisation.

Time to stop underestimating the influence of random acts of kindness; time to introduce a cultural realignment to look for what works well and what could work even better; time to let go of blame, of guilt, of getting it wrong, of exclusion, of assumptions, of un-appreciation; time to celebrate experimenting, exploring and engaging. Time to appreciate the benefit of movement, of momentum … every system needs to be kept in good condition in order to operate effectively and efficiently. Time to be agile, adaptive, appreciative; time to learn and move on by building positively, proactively and perceptively. Healthy systems indulge in exercise in all senses – physically, emotionally, spiritually which currently is embodied in the practice of mindfulness.

What are the skills that really matter? Peter Cheese Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), delivered a lecture entitled “Future of work and organisations” as part of the UWE Distinguished Address Series February 2017 was clear that soft skills are the ones that really matter. He shared that with only 2 in 5 employees working at peak performance the UK has one of the worst skills mismatch in the world!




Soft Skills - Luigi Mengato 2

What is the place in the story of the 5 R’sresilience, robustness, reflectiveness, resourcefulness, responsibility?

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Halina Jaroszewska – 2017