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Swindon Coaching Team: Swindon Coaching Team on the Radio again 0

Posted on 19, December 2011

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Swindon Coaching Team: Swindon Coaching Team on the Radio again

Among the topics we discussed was the differences between customer service in the UAE and UK. I believe a key difference is job security. In the UAE jobs and visas last very little time and it is difficult to change jobs. And its not in job descriptions to ‘go the extra mile’ and delegation is not encouraged. Customer service is ‘following the rules’ .

From personal experience it required (non forthcoming) authorisation to give me the additional £50 it had cost me to get a battery replaced, together with three visits to the hire company, the cost of my and their time far outweighed the amounts disputed. This happened time and time again.
When a hotel receptionist mischarged me for my room, her fear for her job was palpable, and I spent most of my time reassuring her that we all make mistakes and that she would be OK.
A good way to judge any organisation is how it rectifies mistakes. With increasing job insecurity in the UK, the same reactions are likely to happen here, unless management takes retains its positive approach to delegation and acknowledges that we all make mistakes. Not in keeping with the 6 sigma brigade I know – so “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”.