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Be the Best You Can Be 0

Posted on 23, March 2016

in Category coaching, Mentoring, Mindset

I recently listened to David Hemery of 1968 gold medal Olympics fame and of 21st Century Legacy fame.   Last year he ran the London Marathon to raise money for 21st Century Legacy. For those not in the know 21st Century Legacy is behind the Be the Best You Can Be! programme in schools to unlock the valuable potential in each child. David is an inspiring speaker, fundraiser, coach and do-er, and has worked assiduously with 21st Century Legacy to raise funds to ensure the charity can provide this great programme at minimum cost to schools.  He has been a [&hellip

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The importance of strength of mind 0

Posted on 20, February 2015

in Category coaching, leadership

More and more we as leaders are being asked to work outside the box and work in a way that generates new thinking, options and approaches. But where do we start? Well, it all begins with some thinking and some strength of mind. Strength of mind refers to the focus of our thinking. If we focus on what goes well, what we do well and what our strengths are, feelings of success and achievement emerge. If we focus on the gaps and the things we can’ do the opposite happens. So where does this come from? Originally from the Appreciative [&hellip

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Risk it and try some collaboration? 1

Posted on 3, February 2015

in Category coaching, Growing your Business, leadership

Effective Leadership

What are the current trends on problems for companies and people? Companies are looking for more tailored and integrated ways of driving action. When trying to marshal large scale, diverse and remote work forces ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work. Localized, targeted and aligned programmes have a far higher chance of success. They need to regenerate a sense of belonging and re-establish trust and integrity. Having open and clear conversations has an enormous pay off on the bottom line. Collaborative forms of leadership, create followers that engage and want to succeed. Recent research shows that during the recession MDs/CEOs were [&hellip

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