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When is a team not a team? 0

Posted on 11, June 2018

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A team is essentially a group of people working together.  Forming one can have challenges and a Team Wheel can help you build a great team.  But first, let’s explore more the concept of a team, and an effective team.


What does not make a collection of disparate individuals a team?  Possibly when…

They work in the same room

They are married, or in the same family

They work for the same boss or company

They live in or work in the same country or ethnic group.


What does make a team?  It is when:

The group members are striving for the same objective/goal/ purpose

Every member is working for the glory or benefit of the group not for their own individual gain

Outside the team they are perceived as a team, and the praise and brickbats go to the whole team, not just the individuals

Within the team, egos are subsumed and everyone helps everyone else for the greater good.


What makes some teams perform better than others?

If you want fast but questionable results build your team with identical views and ways of thinking – they will learn nothing from each other except to confirm prejudices

To get far better outcomes, have a team as diverse and different as possible.  Draw from all backgrounds, skills, talents, abilities, have a mix of  people and competencies to encourage innovation and positivity and to get optimum results.


The best. truly effective teams:

Consist of individuals who think and communicate in different ways

Allow freedom of interaction and sharing of ideas

Are inclusive, trustful, open and collaborative

Encourage individual and group growth

Share a common purpose.


So how do you get the best thinking and communicating from your team?

Everyone is different: some people are more logical, others more emotional, some are more introvert, others more extravert. With these possible four combinations, and C-me Behavioural Preference Profiling Team Wheels, we use the language of colours to grow individual and group awareness and create more profitable interactions:





All people have communication preferences in all four categories but one colour usually stands out.  An individual C-me report will give you a chart which something looks like this:


The chart shows your preferences in two contexts, one where you usually operate on a day to day basis, and the other which would be your default under pressure or when you are not adapting to a context.

To make it easy to see how well your team is balanced we can develop a Team Wheel which shows how a team is balanced and can help identify weaknesses to be rectified during the next round of recruitment.  Each person’s place on the wheel is charted highlighting where strengths are and where there may be potential skills gaps.

Team Wheel crop

Great communication within a team is when:

Everyone can learn a lot more by actively listening to what an individual has to say rather than always thinking about how they are going to impress.  Learning how to properly communicate in groups, whether to use written, spoken word, video, social media, email, knowing someone else’s preferences can grab or hold someone’s attention and lead to a productive communication experience.

All individuals have preferences in both the way they like to receive communication and the way they like to give it. If you want to communicate effectively – i.e. be understood – then one way of addressing this is to communicate with your colleague in the way they prefer to be communicated with.  So for example. forget your preference for barking orders with no information, but instead recognise that others may prefer an ordered communication with lots of detail.

The C-me Team Wheel can give a good indication as to the pairs who will have the most difficulty communicating, allowing understanding of potential clashes and making it possible to explore ways to surmount these, using new found skills and different ways of interacting can give profoundly positive results

For more information about getting a Team Wheel to create your best team, email davidr@smartcoachingtraining.co.uk