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Too many Goals? 0

Posted on 12, June 2019

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Setting great goals

Do we aspire to too much?

Twenty or thirty years ago we didn’t have so much to yearn for, we were more contented with what we had, mostly because there was a lot less to ‘have’.  Now there is so much choice, so many options, so much to aspire to have, to want, how can we know when to stop wanting? It’s worth noting that what tends to happen is we choose some goals, we work towards them, reach them, then we merrily  pick up the goal posts we’ve set and run with them to a new point, without celebrating what we have achieved.  Fine if you want to be like Sisyphus and keep pushing a rock uphill for ever after.

Here are some pointers to help you pick the right goals and curb the endless aspirations:

Choose a goal that matters to you, that you will value, that truly is something you want and that stretches you. You are more likely to complete goals that are meaningful and important to you, rather than those you feel you should have or you are influenced to do by others.

Celebrate every goal you achieve in a recognisable manner and take time before setting new goals.

Surround yourself with the kind of people you need to support you in your journey towards a goal. The more people you involve in your aspirations who are going to be there for you, the more recognition of your success you will have once you get there.

Do some work on identifying what it is you REALLY want to achieve in your life.  Getting a pay rise might buy you a flashier car, it might buy you more free time, it might buy you status…what did you want it to buy you?  Work that out and you might find out your true aspirations.

Be optimistic but realistic about your aspirations.  Don’t stop dreaming, just be aware of where you are on your path to them.

Now you have some guidelines about choosing goals, before you start them, take a moment to think about the actual process of getting to and completing your goal. By focusing on the progress you are making towards the goal you will be rewarded as you go. Set small steps in the journey towards your goals and some markers to measure your progress and direction. Notice any deviations, potential obstacles and spend some time on looking at options to address these.

Being aware that there are always some things beyond your control, that things can change and may affect your desired outcomes, gives you the ability to flex and adapt your goals while keeping on track. Making decisions as you go rather than trying to make everything happen NOW, gives you a stronger basis for achieving your goals. And it equips you to handle obstacles and barriers.

It is fine to have more than one goal, and it is fine to aspire to lots of things. Blending the two, if you set yourself goals that are aspirational, that will bring you the outcomes that you really desire, you will have the perspective to choose the right ones, and as many or as few as you know you will actually achieve.

“The true worth of a man is to be measured by the objects he pursues”

Marcus Aurelius