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C-me Behavioural Colour Profiling

  • Be excellent in yourself and what you do,
  • Communicate more effectively at all levels and with all people
  • Create fabulous, motivated, collaborative, productive teams

C-me Colour ProfilingEach of us has it within us to excel. How often do we sabotage that? C-me is a flexible, practical tool; it does not focus solely on 'personality' but rather on our 'behaviours' and 'preferences', both natural and learned.

For more than a thousand years being curious about what makes people 'tick' has intrigued us. Using the language of colour, developed by the Wilsher Group, C-me Behavioural Colour Profiling focuses on preferred ways of behaving rather than technicalities and psychological perspectives. Not an either/or, it is unique in describing the blend of possibilities that is in each of us. It helps us in 'Seeing Me, Seeing You, Seeing Us'.

A sceptical client's comment:  "It really is me!"

Report options to choose from

High Performance – reveal elements core to your behaviour and how you work with others; outline your value to a high performing teams; highlight your attitude to commitment; uncover your blind spots; define your role preferences and how you handle setbacks. 

Core – explore key strengths and behaviour preferences; identify areas for personal and professional development; see ways to change attitudes; find strategies for effective communication.

Sales – explore an individual's likely contribution within a sales environment; highlight sales strengths and areas for development; use the Sales Tendency Predictor to help identify the potential value to the wider sales team.

Team – spot the gaps that you didn't know were there; create well-assembled, engaged teams that perform highly and meet challenging objectives. 

360 – Providing all the insights of the C-me reports AND the added value of seeing your likely behaviours and preferences from up to 8 different people's perspectives. The report gives a springboard for great exploration and conversations.

Launch – for young people pre-work to bring an understanding of strengths and possible areas for development in the context of career choices and opportunities. Brilliant for schools, apprenticeships, FE  to support students into the world of work.

Overview – brilliant for job hunting and recruitment:a report headlining personal characteristics and preferences and what, under pressure the default will be.

Taking it Deeper - a 45 minute Skype Debrief to leverage the insights in your C-me Behavioural Profile report and plan how to use it.

There are many ways you can use these profiles. It is not the end but the beginning of the value it can bring you. It is the 'departure lounge' rather than the 'arrivals hall'.