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C-me – How it works: Seeing Me, Seeing You, Seeing Us

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A simple, flexible, credible tool,  C-me provides startlingly accurate results.

Developed with application in mind the initial process of determining your preferred way of doing things is quick, easy and accurate.

Based on years of experience of preference profiles C-me uses the language of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue applying the psychology to everyday life.

Understanding the profile of your people will help assess the positioning of your organisation as a whole and inform future decisions.

The outcomes you can expect  include

  • Recognising natural strengths and skills
  • Valuing difference and synergy
  • Achieving goals and desired results
  • Building great rapport, respect and collaboration
  • Communicating more effectively.


Aspects of preference measured by C-me might not be the whole story. C-me’s flexibility allows successful stretch across different industries, cultures and languages providing demonstrable results. Understanding your team objectives is essential to developing the right content, support and application process for you and your organisation. Team member preference can be charted on a team wheel highlighting gaps and areas for development.


Together we can

  • take the profile results to work towards your desired outcomes for example team building, integrating companies / departments / teams’ post-merger, enhancing performance, building boards, accurate recruiting
  • design an on-going process to maintain momentum and effectiveness; review and measure results
  • discover and embed learning through workshops, team and one-to-one coaching.


How successful is C-me Colour Profiling?

Recruitment Sector: One market leading client saw their churn rate fall from 27% to 10% after using the profiles as a springboard for powerful interview conversations and to assess strategic internal career moves and promotions.

Sales development Sector: C-me enabled the teams to come together to to deliver complex solutions against tight budgets and deadlines, increasing efficiency, productivity and leading to significant cost savings.

Board & Senior Management: The management team gained invaluable insight into individual and team strengths and weaknesses and how the members interacted and complemented each other.  This led to deeper understanding of the impact a new leader has on the culture of an organisation.


Having chosen your profile please contact us.  Payment is by BACS and once received we will send you a personal invitation to complete a questionnaire which takes around 10 minutes and then your report is generated.

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