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Development Coaching

Your Personal and Professional Development – are you happy with them?

Being purposeful, effective and happy, fulfilling your potential and your desires, knowing your objectives and how to achieve them, seeing challenges and opportunities and turning these to your advantage. Wow! Sounds great!  And it is absolutely possible to be this way with our Development Coaching sessions.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ask yourself these questions

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  • Can you see my your forward clearly?
  • Do you enjoy what your are doing?
  • Can you see beyond the immediate present?
  • Are you motivated and enthused about your  work, your life, your relationships?
  • Do you have variety, difference, colour, excitement, satisfaction in your life and/or your work?
  • Do you have great people around you, the right support and positive, rewarding relationships?
  • Are you in control of your emotions, and are those emotions the ones you want to have?


Development Coaching, drawing on aspects of executive coaching, life coaching, emotional intelligence and behavioural preference profiling, looks in depth at your experiences, the meaning you attach to them and the way they influence you; all of this impacts on what happens to you and the choices you make. Your mindset determines how you make things happen and what might have served you in the past may no longer serve you now. Using particular techniques and tools within a holistic approach, Development Coaching will help you to establish new ways, new mindsets and a framework to continuously evolve and flourish.


Who is this for?

  • Anyone transitioning at work, looking for career change or progression
  • If you simply want an audit or re-think about your current work or life situation
  • When you have a particular goal and need support in working out the way to make it happen
  • If you are struggling at work and need a fresh perspective in order to manage your challenges
  • When you are feeling frustrated, stuck, need to step back and take an audit of where to go next.


What Development Coaching can deliver

  • Fresh personal insight about your abilities, strengths and preferences
  • A flexible mindset, contextual awareness and the ability to see different perspectives
  • Great awareness of self and others, of what influences your relationships and interactions and how to make these better
  • Greater ability to see and manage opportunities, challenges and changes
  • Better personal effectiveness, resilience and confidence in decision-making
  • Tools and techniques to create your personal action plan to enable future success.


Feedback from clients who have experienced SCT Development Coaching

Experienced Middle Manager: “After I had been made redundant, Isla helped me pick up the pieces and drew out all my strengths and her brilliant summaries of our sessions were so constructive, positive and incisive.”

Training Professional“I will always be so grateful to you for helping me get unstuck before my first training I was due to deliver. I’ve done many, many more hours now and love it. What’s more, people seem to enjoy my classes!”


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