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Powerful Mentoring

Succession Planning – Talent Development – Knowledge Transfer – Improving Productivity : which of these do you want in your organisation?

Great organisations, big or small, have great mentors.  In a competitive and changing environment, a successful mentoring programme can be the difference that brings strategic thinking to the fore, supporting great talent management, skills development, improved productivity and a happy, engaged leadership and workforce.

“If I hadn’t had mentors I wouldn’t be here today.  I’m a product of great mentoring…..”. Indra Nooyi, CEO Pepsicoy

Be a Great MentorIs your organisation addressing all these well?

  • Having your employee’s needs and values aligned with those of your organisation
  • Delegating well to ensure minimal risk associated with employees being indispensable
  • Having a really effective knowledge transfer policy in place
  • Knowing how to leverage productivity and engage your people
  • Enabling, adapting and preparing for change
  • Seeing your vulnerabilities and having good contingency planning
  • Being confident that you and your people know exactly where you are going with your organisation.


Our mentoring programme offers the best opportunities for organisations to make great use of internal resources to manage complex human resources challenges, organisational change and obstacles to growth in a fast paced environment.  Our mentors bring their knowledge and expertise, their guidance and contacts to get the best results with their mentees, through a programme of workshops, one-to-one mentoring meetings, reverse mentoring and more.

Business mentors lever their knowledge and experience by providing advice, counsel, network contacts and political and cultural know-how, together with ongoing personal support and encouragement.



  • Leveraging the expertise, knowledge and experience of someone who is committed to guiding, inspiring, encouraging and supporting towards growth, excellence and opportunities
  • A great talent management strategy
  • Visionary thinking for the organisation that creates momentum towards the right objectives
  • Better workforce engagement and productivity
  • Good succession planning
  • Supporting great leadership by recognising and nurturing high potential and performance
  • Knowledge transfer through empowering learning and skills development.


Feedback from clients who have benefited from our mentoring programmes:

Technology Tailoring company Director : “The mentoring helped me to step outside of ‘the moment’ to look at the bigger picture, helping to prioritise what I really needed to be working on to drive the business forward”

Retail Sector: “I found (the mentoring workshop) extremely useful on all levels. the  content was rich with a great  mix of role play , practical learning sessions and shared experiences .”

Multinational Sales: “The (mentoring) journey allowed me to achieve excellent results both at work and in my social life. I consider the experience fully comprehensive in terms of the variety of topics covered and the different modes of interaction. For my personal and professional development it would have been very important to have undertaken this journey earlier!

Vice President – Research & Development: Working (with Gia) was an extremely interesting experience; it helped me change the way I see things and react to problems. I benefited from this process both at work and in my private life. The topics covered were many and very varied and this made the experience truly complete. 



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