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Presentations – Up Front and Personal

Presenting yourself well and making great Presentations

Create the impact you want,

by being prepared with confidence and competence

to be compelling and coherent in your presentation!

Lecture - nist6dheWhether you want to develop your personal brand or hone your skills to successfully present information to small or large audiences, internally or externally, the crucial element is to know what results you want, how you can achieve them and more importantly why they are important.

“If you can speak you can influence.  If you can influence you can change lives.” Rob Brown

What would it be like if you could 

    • Revel in the prospect of delivering a presentation?
    • Delight at the opportunity of talking to an audience?
    • Be confident in sharing your knowledge with others?
    • Make a powerful Ask?
    • Know you make a great impression?
    • Know that you can not only engage people’s interest but also keep it?
    • Tell a compelling story to connect effectively with others?
    • Have a wide range of strategies to ensure you are confident?
    • Know how to prepare properly for challenging situations?
    • Ensure that you could match the right language with the right audience?


The object of a presentation is to get people to do something you want them to do in an engaging and compelling way.


The outcomes you can expect…….from Being Personal with Brand You

  • Bringing all of YOU to the party (a C-me profile would reveal great insights)
  • Appreciating that you can be that confident pressenter of brand You
  • Developing your way to be the tall poppy, standing out above others
  • Being comfortable in the knowledge that knowing Your Brand means taking risks
  • Knowing that having a strong brand is simply a choice
  • Having fun stretching your possibilities.


….from Being Up Front Presenting to an Audience

  • Paying attention to how you manage people
  • Having people on the edge of their seats rather than falling asleep
  • Knowing your audience whether it is an internal meeting or an external audience
  • Being confident and competent getting sign-ups for action
  • Knowing how to leave people wanting more
  • Being prepared with strategies to handle challenging questions
  • Keeping to time and keeping to the plan
  • Understanding that the physiology of your body is determined by your mindset – and that you can change it.


Feedback from delegates at SCT workshops on Presentations and Presenting Yourself Well

“This was a reminder about always being ‘on brand’ and how I can make this more compelling.”

” I learned to make more of an effort to express myself confidently.”

“I liked finding out what makes a talk memorable as it was a reminder of the important things.”

“Really useful for designing a creative message, as it helped us to think outside of the box, and listening to some of the other teams gave us some great ideas.”

“The training incorporated different ways to engage specific audiences and the tools to be able to get people thinking.”

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