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Signature Soft Skills

Resilient, confident, accountable, engaged – is that how your people are?

The best organisations are those who care about their people and want to create opportunities for them to grow and develop.  Signature Soft Skills workshops are carefully designed to target skill sets crucial to excellence in performance and practice.  

Signature Soft Skills“There’s not one specific thing or skill people have to have to work for us. But I can tell you why we fire people: soft skills. We hire for hard skills. We fire for soft skills. The ability to interact and communicate with others or behave ethically and take responsibility for things tends to be where people tend to break down.” –  Rick Stephens, Senior Vice President of HR, The Boeing Corporation.

Drawing on concepts from Emotional Intelligence, Performance Coaching, Cognitive Development and other disciplines these Signature workshops focus on the essential skills sought by the best employers, which characterise relationships with others and the individual’s approach to life and work.

Each workshop focuses on a key soft skill and taken together, the whole series is a valuable developmental programme to positively enhance decision making, motivation, team-working, creativity, responsibility, negotiation and leadership.

5 Signature Soft Skills Workshops

    • Confidence
    • Communications
    • Resilience
    • Mindfulness
    • Presenting Yourself


Confidence – What it looks and feels like; personal power, building self-esteem, and acknowledging self-worth, reconnecting with core strengths; using these to be your best self. The Imposter Phenomenon. Improving communications to express yourself confidently, manage challenge, criticisms, setbacks.

Resilience – manage your emotions and behaviours through difficulties, uncertainty, change.  Self-awareness and the Heirarchy of Needs.  Turn negatives into positives, lead yourself through uncertainty; Strengths Analysis, Rational Emotive Therapy to develop resilient thinking and creative problem solving skills.

Mindfulness – find calm, balance, using a powerful tool to maintain emotional and physical equilibrium, applying simple daily techniques to improve mood, enhance memory, mental stamina, create valuable ‘me-time’ and contribute to better relations with self and others. Discovering your state. Your Mindfulness Recipe.

Communications – communicate more effectively at all levels, with all people.  Discover preferred ways to communicate and be communicated with, developing good questioning and listening skills, improving relations with others to getting better responses and results. Handling difficult conversations and managing expectations.

 Presenting Your Self –Self-Promotion Wheel: knowing what you need to know to showcase yourself articulately, powerfully. Role-models and their impact. The value of self-promotion, how to share that message.  Being engaging and compelling using story-telling and other powerful tools. How context matters. Your personal pitch.

The Outcomes you can expect

  • Knowing how to best cope with uncertainty, change, challenge and difficult relationships
  • Developing the ability to lead self and others, and to make the right decisions
  • Being calm and mindful: building the right energies in the right contexts
  • Having the right balance of emotional and behavioural responses
  • Knowing how to show understanding and respect to others
  • Having the right balance of emotional and behavioural responses
  • Developing self-belief, confidence, being  self-motivated and accountable.
  • Building a great sense of self, and being able to self-promote appropriately.


Feedback from delegates who have experienced SCT Soft Skills Training

“It made me look at myself, re-evaluate how I see myself, and how to move forward to the next level”

“My brilliant win was learning about myself from someone who doesn’t really know me…First impressions or what one sees in the corridors can go a long way to informing someone’s perceptions of you.”

“My big takeaway was learning that your communication can impact the negotiation with the other person”


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